Weekly Mass Schedule



Monday, August 29 The Passion of St. John the Baptist

6:00 PM William Carver (Phyllis & Family)

Tuesday, August 30, Weekday

(No Mass)

Wednesday, August 31, Weekday

9:00 AM Jay Dougherty (Judy DiNardo)

Thursday, September 1, Weekday

9:00 AM Agnes & Mike Jr. Suska (Agnes Ignasky & Family)

Friday, September 2, Weekday

9:00 AM Pro Life Awareness (Nat’l Apostolate)

Saturday, September 3, St. Gregory the Great

5:30 PM Laura Michelucci (Brust Family)

Sunday, September 4, Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

11:30AM Laura Michelucci (Loretta Fauth)

6:30 PM Del Greco Family (D. Del Greco)


Military Prayer List: 

David Mizer—Active Army Reserves—Afghanistan—A1C
Brandon O’Toole – Minot AFB North Dakota;
Nicholas Lehman—Army—Ft Sill OK;
Benjamin Lehman—Air National Guardsman—171 Air Base;
LT Colonel Dave Zaccheus—Active Army;
Richard Wilson—Active Navy