Faithful Citizenship


All Catholics have a responsibility to make their voices heard when it comes to important moral issues legislated and shaped by our elected officials.  This page is a starting point for you to contact you representatives in Washington and Harrisburg with your opinions on these issues. Contact your government representative today by using the links below.




U.S. Senate: (Upper right: “Find Your Senators” – Clicking onto his/her name gives you the website. Also the Contact Form is directly available here.)

Pennsylvania Senators:


U.S. House of Representatives: (Top right: “Find Your Representative” – Enter zip code. Clicking onto his/her name gives you the website, which also contains the Contact Form.)  Look-up by your home address and zip code, or see  District Map.

Representatives assigned to Local Districts:


PA State Legislature: (Upper right: “Find Members By…” – Enter your address. Gives the PA Senator, PA Representative, and also the Congressperson for that District.) Clicking onto websites also gives you information on office addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses or Contact Forms.